Home news Broken £1K Victorian Godwin table sells for £17K

Broken £1K Victorian Godwin table sells for £17K


A coffee table with a broken leg has fetched £17,360 at auction.The “unassuming” piece, dating to 1873, had been valued at £1,000 because of the damage, Charterhouse Auctioneers in Sherborne, Dorset, said.The walnut table received interest from Paris, London and a dealer who was bidding from Glastonbury Festival.London’s Victoria and Albert Museum holds the original drawings for the table which is attributed to Victorian designer Edward William Godwin.The table, which had a small part of the leg missing, had been owned by a woman near Bristol who sold it because she was moving house.Auctioneer Richard Bromwell said: “By today’s standards it is not too avant-garde, but back in 1873 there had been nothing quite like it ever produced before.”
Source: BBC Dorset