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Samsung launches phone made from recalled Note 7s


Samsung is to start selling mobile phones made from the recycled parts of Galaxy Note 7 handsets, which were due to reports they were catching fire.

Called the Galaxy Note Fan Edition (Note FE), the phone is going to hit South Korean shelves this week for 700,000 won (£469) – three quarters of the original price of the Note 7.
Plans for selling the phone overseas will be determined after the South Korean run, the company stated.
The Note FE will be made from the recycled parts of Note 7 phones, which were subject to a global recall in October 2016, less than a month after the device’s launch.
Internal and independent investigations found the cause of the fires to be faulty batteries produced by two different companies in Samsung’s supply chain.
Although Samsung released a second batch of Note 7s with replaced batteries, these devices were also found to be overheating. The company subsequently discontinued the Note 7.

Video: Samsung’s fire-proof return packaging includes thermally insulated boxes

Special fire-proof boxes were made available for consumers who wished to return their phones by post.

Air passengers during October 2016 were requested that any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones be kept powered off.
The company estimated it lost £4.4bn in profit over three financial quarters because of the problems with the Note 7.
More than three million Note 7 phones were recalled, prompting environmental campaigners to request Samsung reuse parts to minimise waste. Samsung said the Note FE was part of its efforts to do that.
Samsung stated that unlike its last phone launch, that the Note FE mobiles have “perfect safety”.
The initial production run of the phones will be limited to 400,000 units

Source: SKY